Content We Love

Over on Instagram we asked you all what our next Making Waves post should be, and there was was a clear winner! You let us know that you would love to know more about  “content we love”, so we’re taking the opportunity to show you other video content that has inspired us recently!


The Blaze - Territory

Why were we drawn to it?

Selected by our cinematographer, Eathan, it was the visual style that we found particularly interesting in this piece of content. As with all music videos, the visuals are particularly important.

Set on the beautiful middle eastern backdrop, the rich colours presented across the skylines are striking, intensifying each frame. With very long shots, the cinematographer and film editor linger with the characters for us to begin understand them, their lifestyle, and their emotions. As the main character moves into a dance sequence, we feel this even more so - the visuals and music working together, perfectly in-sync.  

Why is it great filmmaking?

Just like any book on screenwriting will tell you, the story and characters must be strong. This isn’t something we see as often in music videos, but The Blaze portray this particularly well.

From the opening scene, and without the need for dialogue, we see the main character’s close, emotional relationships which draw us in, keeping us engaged. This continues all the way through, particularly throughout dance sequences, as strong rhythmic editing builds tension, holding viewer connection to the main character throughout.

Safe to say that some of the music from The Blaze will be added to our office playlist.



Nowness - Photographers in Focus: Wim Wenders

Why were we drawn to it?

We were first introduced to Nowness’ work at Aestheica Film Festival, and have followed them ever since. This particular piece captured our attention through the opening line of dialogue “everything you do is made from ideas”.

Following on from a conversation we’d had with a close collaborator, Niamh McKeown, about the complexity of creating, we knew we could identify with the photographer’s point of view. He explains how truthful polaroid photography was, and this is something we try to capture as much as possible in our video work.  

Why is it great filmmaking?

When we talk to clients, we find that there’s an association with “talking head” video pieces with dull, uninteresting content. But this interview with Wim Wenders proves this point of view wrong. With a range of camera angles used throughout, combined with footage and polaroid images, this film keeps the viewer engaged throughout. It’s also short and sweet - three minutes to be exact -  and gets across the message in a succinct way.



Vincent Urban Films - In Japan

Why were we drawn to it?

Initially, it was the photo thumbnail. Thick mist rising over bold green valley forest, combined with an interesting font. It’s not the typical image of Japan portrayed to the world - we were intrigued to watch.

Why is it great filmmaking?

Without a doubt, the film editing is the strongest part of this work. It took us right back to film school, showing many examples of interesting cuts to keep viewer attention throughout.

The pace of the film is particularly fast paced, but with certain moments in which the editors make us feel slow down and brought into the scene, focusing briefly on someone’s feet, a supermarket scene, and even a long centipede running through temple stones. Before we get the chance to relax, we’re off again exploring the city from the point of view of the highway. All  combined with the music and sound design, make it a thrill to watch.