Professional Process


For many prospective clients, working with a film production company to create original video content is a pretty new experience. You recognise the value, but may not know where to start, or what the process entails. The good thing is, our team at High Tide Media make it easy, not just by working closely with clients throughout the process, but also by customising the process to fit each individual project.




Once the conversation begins, we start collecting insights into the video content you would like to have created, building up an understanding of your mission and vision. Keys details we’re on the look-out for at this stage include:

  • General descriptions of your current video content ideas

  • Approximate length

  • Target audience

  • Core message and sense you wish to convey

  • Deadlines & budgets

  • Inspirational material

  • Platforms for broadcast (e.g. Facebook, YouTube, website, event, etc.)

With this information, we’ll bring the skills, creativity, and experience of our team into developing initial concepts. Whether your ideas are complete and detailed, or not yet fully formed, we’ll work with you to ensure we’re moving forward with the right creative approach and outline for production.

Bringing in our production expertise, we are then able to draw up all of the necessary contracts and risk assessments - taking care of key management aspects of each project. Together we can then craft the scripts, ensuring desired information is set into core project aims, as well as being conveyed in the dialogue and imagery of the video content itself.




Having scoped out locations, our team will now be on set with the appropriate equipment, ready to set and manage the scenes during filming.

At this point, things can vary depending on the nature of the project. The good thing is, our team brings experience and skill from the full spectrum of filming projects. So, regardless of whether your project involves live events, dialogue, and action, or fully structured scripts and setting - we’ll manage both the context and content, ensuring the best of your vision is captured for editing.   




With footage captured, we now sit down and cover what's happening with the client. We’ll discuss what we're going to do with video and editing, as well as going back to make sure we have what’s needed.

In the editing itself, we will work with the captured footage to enhance sensory impact, and ensure the final product conveys the right messages and emotions for the target audience. Elements of this part of the creative process may include varied combinations of techniques, including:

  • Graphics and special effects

  • Sound mixing and editing to create the audio tracks

  • Music

  • Color grading to enhance any color variations  

Having an appreciation for the investment clients make in the commission of video content, we will always work to make sure the final product is right. So, you will be invited to review versions, give feedback, and request further edits - should they be needed.

When it’s all complete, we then prepare video content for use, optimising files for clients’ chosen broadcasting platforms. We can also provide experienced advice at this stage, helping clients choose the right channels, timing, and general approach to broadcast, for the best possible audience response!

Over our years of experience, the team at High Tide Media have developed a strong framework and strategy for the film production process. However, we’re also great at adapting to meet individual client needs, ensuring the process is tailored to fit each project.

So don’t hesitate to get in touch! It’s always great to hear new ideas, answer questions, and generally get to know new clients - we look forward to hearing from you!


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