Pricing Video Content


We know that understanding the cost of a project is pretty difficult for clients, especially if it’s their first time commissioning content. So we’ve decided to demystify the process below. If you have specific questions that aren’t answered, then do get in touch.



It’s pretty difficult to give an exact cost for a project without discussing the idea itself. We cost a project based on the amount of time it will take, plus our expenses for the production, but expenses can vary from project to project. Expenses could include: location costs, travel costs, music licences and insurance and equipment.


The biggest cost to a production is the time it takes to film, and how many cast and crew are required for each shoot day. To predict how much the cost of filming, we will look at the number of individual moving components there are. The majority of filming cost comes from cast and crew time. Other pricing consideration include: how many locations we we’ll visit, how many camera set ups we have (which can involve resetting camera and lighting multiple times throughout one filming day). For set ups that include actors or lighting, we will need a minimum of an hour to set up, but can also take a lot longer too depending on the complexity. This is one reason that we are only able to offer day/week rates. Another reason for this is our kit costs – we can only rent kit for a minimum of one day meaning our costs would not be covered if we offered an hourly rate.

Our video series for Edinburgh’s Filmhouse involved a camera operator, a lighting person and a producer for the project. We filmed several contributors over multiple days, which meant the cost included several days of filming.


On the other hand, our video series for Edinburgh Beer Factory Neu! Reekie! was filmed in one day (for one event) and required two camera operators and a producer to film the event for a one day shoot. Although a similar sized team was needed, the prices differed due to the amount of days the crew was needed for. The series included five social media cut-down videos for Edinburgh Beer Factory’s social media channels which was also included in the cost.


Finally, our video for Fly Open Air was a highly stylised piece, which required a ten person crew (including lighting, hair & make-up and a costume specialists). Other costs like equipment, costume, a horse, a fire specialist and additional travel were also included in the cost. As there were many moving parts to this shoot day, the cost was significantly more than either of the projects above.


Generally, project management time is about fifteen percent of the time for the overall project. As you’ll see in the chart above we include a fifteen percent project management fee for each of our quotes. This includes all organising cast, crew and locations, risk assessments, all meetings and communications with clients, scripting, releases and more.

Editing is the final step of our process. Every round of revisions (changes) is listed on our quotes - although all of our clients are welcome to ask for more if they like. As the need for video content increases, we now include the price of social media cut-downs with every quote, as we know that brands need quantity and quality video content.

If you’ve got anymore questions about costing content - please get in touch! We’d love to hear from you and continue to demystify the process for everyone.