Passion Projects

Lots of people talk about passion projects, everyone should do them but not everyone does. At High Tide we love ourselves a good project of passion, so we thought we’d share our thoughts on why we do.


As any creative knows, building strong relationships with collaborators is an essential component of maintaining a successful and happy career. Passion projects provide a fantastic opportunity for people to work together and experiment using a variation of creative methods and approaches.

One of High Tide’s own passion projects ‘Hame Time’ was a great collaboration with our long-term pal, and talented writer / director Niamh McKeown. With very minimal budget and quick turnaround, the project allowed to us to have a bit of fun while exploring different methods of creating content.


These passion projects will inevitably have a positive impact upon our clients. By giving ourselves this time to experiment and build upon our creative process, we can then use the lessons we’ve learned in future projects. While we love working with our clients on projects, there is quite rightly, an expectation for the piece of content to be delivered on time and within budget. And this can often leave limited room for true experimentation.

These projects allow us to explore ideas and concepts (whatever the discipline) that might not yet be ready for implementation during commercial work. Working without that pressure of having to deliver to a paying client helps encourage more creative risk taking. Not every passion project we work on at High Tide is related to video content, developing ours skills in photography and drawing have been very handy when it comes to developing and communicating or ideas on commercial projects.


Finally, there’s spec work, which we see as a sort of replacement for the traditional passion project. When made correctly, it has the potential to be very effective at showcasing the quality of work that creatives are capable of producing. There are many great examples of spec work out there, from BMW – Discovery (dir by Jack Gyori) to Johnny Walker – Dear Brother (dir by Dorian & Daniel).

For us as a young company, it’s great to take inspiration from these kind of projects to see what is really possible. Keep your eyes pealed over the next couple of months for updates about our next passion project.