Our First Year In Review


A full year ago, after years of building our film experience and craft, we found ourselves launching a new video production company, High Tide. This newly created brand reflected our creative professional identities, vision, and style. It quickly made us proud, and full of hopeful aspiration for what might be yet to come. But, as with any new adventure, that was just the beginning…

With this being a move on from our old brand, Straight Cut Media, our new professional identity was yet to be widely known. Our first task was to introduce High Tide Media to the world, so we reached out to our existing network, and built it further by attended lots of events, discovering a whole host of creative teams and ventures. In the midst of it all, one initiative really caught our eye – a two-year-old arts festival in Edinburgh, called Hidden Door. It didn’t take long for us to recognise that this young organisation had values in line with our own, and were something we wanted to support.

After offering to support Hidden Door through sponsorship in the form of filming and video content, a conversation began, and rapport quickly built. However, the realisation hit that we were going to be much busier than planned - kick-off for the filming project couldn’t wait. So, we got stuck in…


By the end of February, we had worked closely with the team creating a video for their crowdfunding video campaign. Staring the amazing David Martin, the film featured the venue for the 2017 Hidden Door event, which donations would go towards restoring to its full glory. It was a huge success, bringing in donations from 600 people, and a total of £21k - 110% more than the original £10k target!


By the spring, the High Tide Media film production company had really picked up pace.

Co-founder, Alex, joined the CreativeMornings/EDI team in March. Expanding on her role at High Tide Media, she has taken charge of events production, with the added bonus of meeting lots of new creative people around Edinburgh - as well as the Global CreativeMornings Community. Now, every month, she collaborates with Ellie Morag photography, filmmaker Tao-Anas Le Thanh, copywriter Audrey Barnes, and fellow producer Briana Pegado, bringing a wealth of new insights and creative inspiration.

In May came the exciting task of covering the Hidden Door festival itself, as we filmed for ten days at Leith Theatre, capturing every special moment. It also provided the opportunity to reconnect with a previous client - and fellow event sponsor - Edinburgh Beer Factory, along with their special request for us to produce a film highlighting their latest creation.


As Edinburgh Beer Factory’s new dark ale, Bunk! was launched at the Hidden Door Festival, we filmed their team and very happy customers on location. The final film showed off the Edinburgh Beer Factory’s mission, focusing on the ‘art’ of brewery, with the beer itself being enjoyed as part of the art of Hidden Door.

With the great venue that it had become, we soon returned to Leith Theatre. This time to cover Boom Saloon’s first project, Creative Riot. Featuring some of Edinburgh’s wonderful creative talent, our film captured the awesome energy of the event as the audience interacted with the performance. This is a project we are incredibly proud of - it gave us a real opportunity to work with shots in low light, resulting in an evocative final film full of contrast and artistic motion..


We also began working with H&A Agency, a marketing company with a highly organized and down to earth team. Collaborating with their team, we develop content for the established Edinburgh based estate agents Rettie & Co. Creating work around one of their values “best in class”, we put this at the core of the filming project – from selecting the locations captured, to the kit we used. Since then, we’ve continued to work with Rettie & Co and H&A on multiple projects, and look forward to doing so in the future.


With September came another great creative event in the form of She Is Fierce’s Noisy Girls Club at Whitespace. Invited along to film the event, we also got to showcase the work of High Tide Media along with other creative stalls.


Our final big event of the year, saw us moving to the hotdesking space at CodeBase. It’s already shown itself to be a fantastic base to work from, surrounded by the wonderful Boom Saloon, Creative Edinburgh, Stampede, and Tao-Anas Le Thanh. We’re a building full of multi-disciplinary professionals, who are always ready to bounce ideas around, making for the perfect creative environment. Being a part of the many events held at CodeBase, including CreativeMornings/EDI, Unfiltered and the Startup Grind, we’ve been able to build a fantastic network of like-minded entrepreneurs.

In the final weeks of countdown towards High Tide Media’s first birthday, we’ve been working on our own original content, as well as reflecting on all of the great things we’ve accomplished thus far. We have a new showreel, some more information about what we do, and a fantastic set of behind the scenes still courtesy of Ellie Morag. We’re honing our craft, articulating our style, and investing in some well earned equipment upgrades to keep up with the projects ahead!

It’s been a fantastic first year, and we can’t wait to see what next film-making collaborations lie beyond the horizon – first up Hidden Door 2018!