D&AD Festival 2018

Creative Insights for Engaging Video Content


When our producer, Alex, came back from touching base with the latest in creative advertising at the D&AD Festival 2018, she brought back a wealth of insights to inform our video content design and promotion strategies. In part one of our inspiration sharing team sessions, she shared her key take-aways from talks by Trevor Eld of Fader, and L.A. Ronayne of Stink Studios - including the importance of cultural connections, conversations, and investment in future generations of creative talent.

In part two, we discuss ideas shared in talks on the innovative creation process of Blade Runner 2049, and motivation for those who struggle to find their place in the usual industry job titles...

Heading down for some video content creation inspiration...

Heading down for some video content creation inspiration...

Blade Runner 2049: Building A New World with Paul Inglis & David Sheldon-Hicks:

Blade Runner 2049 was arguably one of the most inspired films of 2017, bringing together stunning design, technology, and storytelling. It was a huge honour to then be given a glimpse behind the scenes by two of the major creative minds behind the production - the movie’s Art Director & Production Designer, Paul Inglis, and digital graphics mastermind, David Sheldon-Hicks of Territory Studio.   

Overall, almost 85 percent of the film was real effects, with very little done in post-shoot editing. With such a massive production, large scale coordination between departments and teams was vital to make this possible. Significant time had to be spent developing design language, ensuring clear communication for seamless cross-over between story, technology and design - all whilst keeping the ultimate audience at the heart of considerations.  

Making life easier for actors and director, production also used as little green-screen as possible. In effect, this allows those on set to more easily imagine the scene, maximising authenticity of the characters, story and, thus, emotional connection.

A collection of all the RnD and development from Territory Studios work on Blade Runner 2049

The importance of authenticity and emotional connection applies to all kinds of film or video content. Whether it’s big Hollywood production, promotional recording of an event, or video content for advertising - there’s always a story to be told.

As a film production company, these elements of effective storytelling sit at the forefront of our minds as we approach each client project. We prioritise the creation and capture of those settings, angles, and moments that build real connection with the viewer - then edit them for truly engaging effect.      

The Industry and Where Exactly You Fit In with Daniel Fox-Evans of HelloYouCreatives:

Kicking off his talk, Daniel offers up a bold, and liberating suggestion - ignore all the usual industry rules. In their place, he offers up a new list of rules and points to bear in mind when building a creative career:

  • Let your creativity define your job not your job define your creativity.

  • No one decent ever asked for permission.

  • Don't be defined by a title.

  • Define your own team - it can include your client!

  • Teach others and have opinions. The industry needs to evolve.

As Daniel highlights, this kind of redefining of our roles and goals can feel like running against industry structures, so it will take time! It takes courage too - but it’s well worth the time and energy invested in being part of a positive change.

Overall, this kind of liberation from what can become an industry bubble frees us up to have more productive conversations with intended audiences and, ultimately, adapt to their changing needs and desires. There is, of course, critical feedback which can be part of these audience and customer conversations. Not taking it personally is essential - over-defensiveness can hold you back!

Conversation is key - we agree!

Conversation is key - we agree!

In his final point, Daniel calls for us all to hangout with people outside the advertising world. Expose yourself to diversity of ideas, and learn from the innovative ways other industries are achieving success. For the High Tide Media team, this has been a great resource. You can regularly find us at the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce, brainstorming with other businesses at RBS’s entrepreneurial events, and seeking inspiration at various other workshops, exhibitions, conferences, and creative spaces.

We recognise the importance of staying in touch with a variety of industries and businesses, not just for ideas, but to keep up-to-date on what’s important for the full diversity of clients that we work with. It's about collaboration and shared goals - something we strive for in every video content creation project!  

Speaking of staying in touch... we love hearing from collaborators and clients - past, present, and prospective. So feel free to contact us with any ideas, suggestions, and/or questions you may have!