Hidden Door


In early 2017, we began our adventure as proud media partners to the Edinburgh-based Hidden Door arts festival. As a not-for-profit arts movement, Hidden Door, and all who support it, aim to bring urban spaces to life in the form of open platforms for new and emerging artists, musicians, theatre makers, film makers, and poets.

From the very beginning, this partnership has been both exciting and successful, with High Tide Media’s first video creation for the festival helping to smash crowdfunding targets in their 2017 campaign, ultimately raising over 210% of the initial goal.  Since those early days, we’ve gone on to produce a whole variety of creative video content for the festival, including a showcase video about their custom-made bars, and a trailer for the festival, all of which have acted to boost engagement across promotional spaces. 

In High Tide Media’s most recently completed video content for the Hidden Door arts festival, we created a documentary-style film about the team behind one of the festival’s proudest moments – the re-opening of the Leith Theatre, after almost thirty years of disuse.  

Production of the documentary began with spending time with the team, getting to know the individuals involved, and selecting key characters behind Hidden Door. And what a variety of inspiring creatives they are, ranging from dancers, musicians, and artists, to designers, engineers, technicians – all contributing to the restoration and transformation of this treasured building. Following them throughout the preparation of the festival, we captured stunning behind-the-scenes footage of rehearsals, studio work and different stages of the building process, ensuring the final film would allow audiences to see the true work that goes into Hidden Door.

During the festival itself, we could be found filming almost every day of activities – this included music, dance, theatre, and poetry performances, in addition to behind the scenes interviews with the main characters who bring it all to life.

As soon as the curtains closed on the festival performances and events, we headed straight on over to editing, piecing together all the key elements for our original script. At 27 minutes long, we quickly recognised that the initial edit would need to be shortened for our desired audiences. This part of the process involves returning to our notes and original scripts to select the most essential elements for the final cut. With a priority of giving captivating insights into the into each of the featured elements of the festival, key footage was chosen and brought together – all in visually engaging form.

When both we and Hidden Door were happy with the narrative, we knew we needed music that wasn’t your average copyright free track. Through our professional creative networks, we were fortunate enough to be connected to film composer and musician, Simon Toner. From our conversations, Simon quickly understood the mood we were going for, and another great collaboration began. Together we shared and listened to reference tracks, making use of multiple sessions until our video and music creations complimented each other perfectly.

After completing the titles for the film and sending it off to the Hidden Door team, we were delighted to see it being played for all in attendance at Hidden Door fundraising auction. Now available to view on their website, the film has been a vital resource for approaching sponsors, and growing engagement across the board. As a movement that seeks to open up the world stage for diverse creative talent, it’s an honour to have the work of High Tide media contributing to the success of the Hidden Door arts festival.