Filmmaking Resources

At High Tide we are never one to shy away from free lesson in learning something new. Whether this be a new approach to capturing footage, a bit of film theory or a new piece of kit that could make our lives easier or more complex…

So, we thought it would be a good idea to share some of our most valued online filmmaking resources.



While Aputure is best known for it’s lighting products, they also have a very informative YouTube channel which features a wide selection of practical lighting tutorials as well as short video essays regarding certain lighting styles. With content covering the very basics to somewhere around the intermediate level, it’s provided us with some alternative approaches to the standard 3-point interview lighting.



Olufemii Tutorials

Olufemii Tutorials provides some great insights into contemporary shooting and editing techniques and is particularly helpful to all self-shooters and freelancers working on small to medium sized projects. Providing prompt editing and shooting tutorials, informative discussions with other editors and self-shooters and general advice on working practices, this channel has something for everyone. Tutorials such as using adobe audition to automatically change a music track to any length, have helped to expand and adapt our own workflow.



Noam Kroll

Noam Kroll is a filmmaker based in LA and runs one of our go-to blogs, covering everything from cinematography, directing, editing and colour grading. Kroll’s blogs provide and in-depth look into its subject matter and provides a very useful learning resource aimed towards content creators with a more intermediate knowledge of their respective specialism. Kroll’s colour grading tutorials have been a great resource for us at High Tide and has really elevated our grading workflow.   



No Film School

No matter how much you may or not know about filmmaking and producing video content, No Film School will always be a good place to re-affirm some of your knowledge, or at the very least provide a good read on a multitude of film / filmmaking topics. While primarily aimed towards budding filmmakers, it’s always good for self-shooters and content creators to see what our neighbours are up to over the proverbial fence.