Edinburgh Filmhouse 40th Birthday


Edinburgh’s Filmhouse Cinema is a place we’ve always been inspired by; it’s pretty much on our doorstep, shows an amazing range of films and hosts a wonderful film festival every year. We’ve first met the Filmhouse team when we were capturing Hidden Door 2018, when they hosted a superb interactive screening of Blade. So, when they asked us back to create some content to celebrate their 40th birthday we jumped at the chance.

Although Filmhouse is well known throughout Edinburgh, there are interesting facts about the institution than locals might be unaware of. So, we worked closely with the team to create a series of videos that captures the essence of some of these facts. For example – did you know that Filmhouse is the only place in Edinburgh to screen films in 16mm, 35m, 70mm and in digital?

We captured a range of regulars – including the fantastic Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh, and Edinburgh crime novelist Ian Rankin – explaining facts about Filmhouse. You can catch the video insights below.

 The content will be shared across Filmhouse’s social media channels and will feature in cinemas. It’s an honour to have our work on the big screen of an institution that has played such a big part of inspiring us as a young creative business. Happy 40th birthday Filmhouse! Here’s to another 40 brilliant years of cinema.

For more information about Filmhouse and their wonderful cinema programme visit their website.