Edinburgh Beer Factory


Nearly a year after we first worked with Edinburgh Beer Factory, they put on a brilliant evening - the ‘Brewery Bash’. Hosted by Edinburgh's literary, music and animation collective Neu Reekie, the event was held at their brewery in the west of the city.

It was to be Neu Reekie’s most intimate event yet, hosting only 50 guests, each treated to an exclusive night of behind-the-scenes creative insights from the moment they arrived. It all kicked off with a series of tours around the venue, allowing a glimpse into the brewing process, pouring techniques, and authentic reactions to the tempting tastes of the EBF range…

Beers in hand, and creative brewing curiosities piqued, the crowd came together for a series of acts performing in the main tap room of the brewery. From start to finish, we filmed from multiple perspectives, capturing the full array of artistic talent featured - from musical and poetic performances, to projected animation and creative lighting. And of course, the setting itself, adorned with the works of Edinburgh Beer Factory’s creative muse, Edinburgh’s own Eduardo Poalozzi.