Edinburgh Beer Factory


Earlier this year, the Edinburgh Beer Factory got in touch with a special request for the High Tide team - to create some exciting video content, promoting their latest series of beers and their new taproom events space. Having had a long, and strong relationship with the company since their foundation, back in 2014, working with the team is always like a creative reunion. So, of course we eagerly said yes, getting stuck right into the collaborative process!

 A rising star in Scotland’s booming drinks industry, the Edinburgh Beer Factory initially launched their second series of beautifully crafted beers at the 2017 Hidden Door Arts Festival. Named after the groundbreaking work of their creative muse, Scottish artist Eduardo Paolozzi, the BUNK! Beer series was a huge hit with festival goers - and it was at this event that the High Tide Media team first got a glimpse of the buzz surrounding this brand new range, capturing the vibrancy of it all for a special launch video.  

Nearly a year later, and the growing success of both the company and the BUNK! Beer series continue to be cause for celebration - which is exactly what lovers of the Edinburgh Beer Factory range got to do at their ‘Brewery Bash’ on 30th March. Hosted by Edinburgh's literary, music and animation collective Neu Reekie, the event was held at their brewery in the west of the city, welcoming attendees into the heart of the operations. It provided the perfect opportunity for us to capture the joy this young company brings to their growing community, in the very setting where they bring it all to life.

Before the doors opened to the evening’s guests, we set-off around the building, filming footage of the fun, innovative brewery space - and preparing for the activities ahead. It was to be Neu Reekie’s most intimate event yet, hosting only 50 guests, each treated to an exclusive night of behind-the-scenes creative insights from the moment they arrived. It all kicked off with a series of tours around the venue, allowing a glimpse into the brewing process, pouring techniques, and authentic reactions to the tempting tastes of the EBF range…

Beers in hand, and creative brewing curiosities piqued, the crowd came together for a series of acts performing in the main tap room of the brewery. From start to finish, we filmed from multiple perspectives, capturing the full array of artistic talent featured - from musical and poetic performances, to projected animation and creative lighting. And of course, the setting itself, adorned with the works of Edinburgh Beer Factory’s creative muse, Edinburgh’s own Eduardo Poalozzi.

 The varied angles and activities captured provided a wealth of brilliant footage to pull together in the editing stage. The overall process was a great example of live event filming, tailored towards the creation of engaging promotional video content.

Live event filming for promotional video content is a common and highly effective approach - but each event is unique. So, our team works closely with event organisers, developing ideas, insights, and final plans - ensuring we’re ready to capture the best moments of the action.

 From start to finish, the process is tailored to fit those we work with - whether you’ve got the whole concept planned out, or want to hand over the reigns to an experienced team. So, if you have an idea for promotional video content, get in touch!

 To check out more of the video content we’ve produced, head on over to our project library - and contact us to start a new collaboration!