Content We Love (The one with the music videos)

We all love music videos, right? Well at High Tide we can’t get enough of them! And to celebrate the fact we want to share with you some of our favourites and what they mean to us!


Small Black – Boys Life

Small Black are one of our favourite sad-pop bands (when you want to dance but have a good cry at the same time) and Boys Life is one of their best, this in no small part to the excellent video that accompanies it.

Perfectly capturing the tracks themes of nostalgia and reflection, it shows us that a music video can connect us to music in a deeper way. In short, this video reminds us why we want to make video content, it's visually gorgeous and it provides the viewer with a subtle emotional connection to the project.



Mura Masa ft. Octavian – Move Me

Mura Masa has been successful in creating a distinctive and bold visual brand, and this video is no different in meeting his well-established aesthetic. His vibrant production design and colour rich images are a major source of inspiration for us.

Cinematography is very diverse, from classic handheld to impressive camera rotations and interesting choice of aspect ratio this video provides a great atmosphere.

The 90’s ‘summer of love’ vibe and great screen presence from Octavian and rest of the cast this video is a great watch, particularly on a dreary day.



Jakey – Cafeteria

Multi-talented Youtuber, Jakey, shows us how a unique concept and on-point editing can create an engaging piece of visual content. By using a wide selection film, TV and music video footage, Jakey has created a rhythmic and unique visual experience.

Jakey shows us that with a bit of creativity, a small budget production can stand with the heavy hitters of the industry.



Oasis – D’You Know What I Mean

Helicopters, the set of Full Metal Jacket, the Gallagher brothers, late 90’s fashion, what else does a music video need?

This 90’s classic has been remastered for the reissue of the Oasis album ‘Be Here Now’ and it really shows. With complete re-grade, unseen footage and released in full HD, you could be easily forgiven for thinking this was realised yesterday.

From the impressive visuals of Lynx helicopters doing aerial manoeuvres and the unmistakably 90’s attire, this video oozes with attitude and visual identity which has become a staple in Oasis’s brand.



Антоха МС - Время Ток

It’s not every day you see genuine Russian music videos, little alone Russian house music, well Антоха МС is here to scratch that itch.

The videos low-fi look is very reminiscent of early 00's music videos (daft punk - da funk, Roger Sanchez - another chance) and perfectly captures the laid-back vibe provided by the track. That spontaneous and lazy summer evening atmosphere is pushed further with the documentary-esqe cinematography and the inclusion of audio captured on location.

For us, seeing works completed all over the world help give perspective and widens our inspirations.