At High Tide Media, we’ve had the pleasure of working on diverse filming projects, with many different types of teams - including collaborations with agencies. Last year, we worked on one such project with H&A Agency, the design-led marketing consultancy based in Edinburgh.
As part of a wider plan to re-invigorate the brand of the main client, property specialist firm Rettie & Co, the aim for us was to produce engaging video content for the expansion of their digital marketing strategy. Given their relationship with Rettie & Co., advising on their business strategies for over 15 years, H&A Agency were well placed to assist in choosing and collaborating with our film production company for the project.

Conversations began between H&A Agency and the client, establishing a strong video brief, before bringing our team in to develop the brief further. Combining our strategic and creative expertise, the plan was formed with a full storyboard - complete with timescales, filming locations, and key information to be conveyed.

Incorporating interviews with Rettie & Co.’s friendly and knowledgeable employees, with footage of their offices and properties, we captured the diversity of their services and markets that they serve. Applying our editing expertise, we produced a selection of high quality final cuts, with video content of differing lengths, ensuring a consistent, and integrated approach to broadcast across online, and social media channels.

Working closely with H&A agency, we were able to ensure strong communications, developing a clear, shared understanding of project goals, and professional perspectives. The result is video content which is closely aligned to overall campaigns, capturing the values of client organisations - whilst drawing viewers in to their brand story, with positively engaging effect.

The videos were received very positively and a series of short cuts for social media have been used to promote Rettie’s key knowledge of the areas they work in, demonstrating clearly their USP and introducing their friendly and knowledgeable staff.
— H&A Agency team

If you have ideas or questions regarding video content and filming projects, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We always look forward to conversations with clients - past, present, and/or prospective - to chat through concepts and plans!